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How to Pick the Perfect Lights for Your Yard

Updated: May 31, 2021

We’re happy to say it: it’s March. Spring is coming. Warmer weather, outdoor events, parties, barbecues, cookouts, and cooler breezes are just around the corner. Combined with the rollout of the new vaccines for COVID-19, we just might have a shot at a normal gathering or two this year. We’ve missed it!

When entertaining guests, friends, and neighbors, setting a mood with décor and designs is essential. You want them to enjoy themselves, and more than that, you want to impress. You want a backyard that stands the test of time and is uniquely tailored to your style and your vibe. You want energy, warmth, and just an all-around lovely experience.

One of the best ways is through lighting and design.

We get asked all the time: How do I pick lights for my yard? It’s a good question. We offer many different designs and sizes, and we offer custom outdoor lighting options. But we don’t just let you drown in choices. We want to help you pick not what’s right, but what’s perfect. You have a unique style, and we want to complement it with our designs and our options.

Ideally, you want lights that are:

· Attractive

· Safe

· Practical

· Useful

· Economical

· Environmentally conscious

· Weather-resistant and sturdy

While fires and torches can make lovely nighttime light fixtures, they also pose a fire and safety risk. They can be cumbersome to manage, with oil, fire, and cleanup to take care of. Any light in a backyard environment needs to be safe to the people, vegetation, animals, and property. You don’t want to pollute or leave waste, especially in a controlled environment like a backyard. It’s also important for them to be affordable, resist weather and erosion and the outdoor elements (snow, rain, hail, wind, etc.), and to look good while serving a functional purpose of illuminating surroundings.

Lights are frequently moved and adjusted to find the perfect location. It’s a safe bet to invest in lights that you can move and adjust yourself, so you can make the perfect atmosphere with your creations. You also want to place them in places where they’ll be of the most use, and that can be a process of adjustment and trial and error. LEDs and low voltage lights are helpful to prevent overheating, and they keep the lights from burning you or your pets and children if you’re to move or touch them, another safety concern.

Many people use them on paths and near areas like pools or walls. It keeps your guests and family safe, and also can light hardscapes and softscapes in gorgeous arrays. Underneath tree canopies and near flowers also provides a lovely experience. Children at play in the evening can see better if the lights are near common obstructions like rocks, bricks, or other potential hazards.

Pathlights not only illuminate the landscaping and hardscaping decisions in your backyard—they also keep your guests and you safe at night when you’re walking. They provide ambience and a sense of atmosphere and compliment the vegetation. If you have a pool, they can rest by it and gently illuminate the lapping waters. Tangled vines can overhang and create lovely verdant shadows. Golden light can set a mood for romantic occasions, and it can provide a safer alternative to torches.

At 4"x 4" x 20", our Hip to Be Square pathlights are versatile because of their small stature and large light output. Made from 4" steel tubing, this fixture is modern, heavy duty, and to the point. Its simple design compliments any of our Original series designs to add extra lighting where you need it most. You can choose finishes ranging from galvanized steel to natural rust or bronze. We also have an Evolve series, where you can have a light custom made to your preferences. Fan of the Kansas City Royals? Get a light with their logo. Need something for Husker season? You got it.

We also offer sturdy bollard lights in all shapes, sizes, and finishes, and we can create custom fixtures for whatever yard or area you want to decorate. Among your choices:

· Size (20” through 10 feet)

· Finishes (hammered bronze, textured black, etc.)

· Style (i.e. deco, wheat lights, swirl)

· Intersections (i.e. galvanized)

· Bases (stake or concrete)

· Caps (traditional, new modern)

When you pick a light or several lights, it’s important to complement and uplift the environment in which you place them. You want to create an experience for your area that sets it apart pleasingly from other similar spaces. Be mindful of elements like form, line, texture, and colors. Ensure the elements work together, and that the light fits into it and draws the eye to the desired focal points. For instance, a row of lights can form a line, and the line can lead along a path or to a wall (a great option if you’ve just invested in a retaining wall). Lights also look terrific near boulders and artistic stones. Placement here also helps them stand up.

No matter your need or your space, we have options. With spring coming soon, outdoor lighting choices are going to become top of mind for many people. Entertaining in backyards is a beloved ritual, and the perfect lights can bump it up to the next level. With the right options available, your imagination can run wild.

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