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Locally Owned, Locally Operated

Updated: May 31, 2021

Small businesses need help.


It’s hard to compete against the big corporations or the entrenched and established companies. We all value choice, and we value the ability to find the very best and have healthy competition for our attention. We want to be catered to, but we also want to make sure what we see and are exposed to represents our needs, our interests, and our values.

We’ve all heard about Small Business Saturday, and seen campaigns encouraging us to buy local. Buy local, think global. We operate on the same principles here at Tailored Lights. We’re dedicated to providing lights all around the country, no matter the locality; we want everywhere we sell to share a sense of community. We want our sustainable, environmentally friendly lights to help our environment and our entire planet. We think on a global level for the benefit of all.

Buying locally strengthens communities and helps keep our dollars local. It helps our friends and neighbor operate their businesses. It saves money by reducing shipping and distribution costs. It helps us see local talent, and it helps us to recognize the strengths and values we bring to the table on a potential national level. We feel we can compete with anything else thrown out there. We have the product, the talent, and the drive.

We’ve sold lights in many different states, many different communities. You can see Tailored Lights in deserts, forests, gardens, and any conceivable ecosystem around the country. They work in snow and ice, and they’re available through rain or persistent sunshine. They’re built to purposefully withstand the pressures of the elements.

We want to always export our sense of craftsmanship around the country. We build lights strong to withstand the test of time. To us, American values aren’t just pride in a product well done—it’s pride in a product made the best possible way. No matter the size of the job or the type of client, everyone deserves the 100% best product that can be built. We take pride in doing this every day.

We make all of our lights on site here in Nebraska. We’re all from the area and consider what we do to be an extension of our home. We like to send the best of Nebraska around the entire country, showing them our local values transfer. We want to reinforce the value in buying American; we want to introduce the virtue of buying Nebraskan.

We’re also proud of employing many people locally. We generate jobs, and we generate opportunity. We like to help teach people skills that’ll set them up for success in the future, no matter what job they pursue. We really can’t stress talent enough.

Our designs are also unique. We offer custom orders for those who want something unique and special tailored to their style. We hope to drive innovation by creating designs and lights that stand out and demonstrate our creativity—and yours. Whenever we design something custom, our goal is simple: speak to you and for you with our light. We want to put your personality and your spirit in every creation. We want your surroundings and your environment, be it your house, backyard, garden, path, or firepit area, to be unique and special. We want you and your guests to be thrilled.

There are many outdoor lighting and landscaping services in the state. We admire many of them, and we enjoy seeing the work they do. We love being part of an ecosystem dedicated to the best possible products and outcomes for our clients. We like the challenge of trying to do new and better things. Competition keeps us healthy, and it keeps us from becoming stagnant. We love to see new things.

If you’re considering buying from us, we encourage it. But more than that, we encourage you to share the drive and desire to buy locally. There’s still a great value in genuine craftsmanship, and the sweat and polish we put into our lights make them a terrific addition to any home our landscape. For those who like the sense of local pride and vibrant community, we stand up. We want Tailored Lights to light the way.

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