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American Heart

Made in Nebraska, USA

Lacework - Premium Design

The Lacework Design from the Premium Original Series, provides more of a traditional design aesthetic.  The supremely intricate architecture is a definite show stopper.  Older colonial style homes would be hard pressed to find a better landscape light for their home.  Available in 20″, 30″, 42″, and 72″. 

Color: Modern Rust



Fixture Size Available: 20”, 30”, 42”, 72”

Fixture Specifications

  • Made of 3/16” Steel


Cap Specifications

  • Made of 1/2” Cast Iron

Electrical & Wiring Specifications

  • 18 Gauge wire

  • GU5.3 Socket for low-voltage MR-11

       and MR-16 LEDs

  • Suggested Lamp: Single Diode LED


Mounting & Installation Specifications

Soil Installation

  • Appropriate only for 20” and 30” fixtures

  • Base with 18” stake

  • Made of 3/16” Steel

Concrete Mounting

  • Appropriate for all fixture sizes

  • 6”x 6” Square Base

  • Made of 3/16” Steel

Contractor: Lacework

    All retail purchases come with LED bulb and mounting system.

      Please call or message us for our most CURRENT pricing.



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