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American Heart

Made in Nebraska, USA

Coneflower - Premium Light

The Coneflower design is from the Standard  Original Series.  This design is inspired by prairie grass and cone flowers.  It brings that extra bit of natural serenity to your landscape.  This design is sure to be a favorite with people who love the outdoors and is a timeless addition to any garden.  This design is available in 30″ and 42″ sizes.  Color: Modern Rust



Fixture Size Available: 30”, 42”

Fixture Specifications

  • Made of 3/16” Steel


Cap Specifications

  • Made of 1/2” Cast Iron

Electrical & Wiring Specifications

  • 18 Gauge wire

  • GU5.3 Socket for low-voltage MR-11

       and MR-16 LEDs

  • Suggested Lamp: Single Diode LED


Mounting & Installation Specifications

Soil Installation

  • Appropriate only for 20” and 30” fixtures

  • Base with 18” stake

  • Made of 3/16” Steel

Concrete Mounting

  • Appropriate for all fixture sizes

  • 6”x 6” Square Base

  • Made of 3/16” Steel

Contractor: Coneflower

    All retail purchases come with LED bulb and mounting system.

      Please call or message us for our most CURRENT pricing.



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